Monday, October 13, 2008

Dr. Atomic Final dress rehearsal

Metわどてもきれいarchitect です。Lincoln Centerのビルはみなできれいですけど、わたしはMetがいちばんすきです。このオペラ葉、Dr. Atomic です。Final dress rehearsal ですから、コロンビアのかくせいわFreeチケトをもえあいましだ。

Metropolitan Opera’s final dress rehearsal for Doctor Atomic

It was a great chance for me to realize that I’ve never thought about people who actually involved with design of the atomic bomb: their moral/social dilemma and the relationship between intellectuals and politics. (I know, I was like, how come? But that's so me, a perfectly NAIVE CITIZEN, who once believed in the history on the text book as face value.)

Anyway, the ending was really impressive.

A woman's narration after explosion at Hirosima,
"こどもがみずをさがしています。"  (or something similar... )

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Hamada said...

あーーー、わたしもFinal dress rehearsal にいきたかったです!